A dog who is well exercised experiences a happier, more balanced life. Happier dogs are certainly something that we strive for! It's important to satisfy our dogs needs physically, without also overwhelming them mentally. An enriching decompression walk should be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sending your dog on an off leash hike with us can help free up some of your time, and be a real fun way to meet those needs for them. We come during the day to pick up your dog, and take them out with their new dog friends to a wilderness area in the surrounding HRM. Our hikes are an hour long, and then we load back up into the van and head back home. Your dog is dropped back off to your home and you get to enjoy an exercised, happy dog with zero effort on your part. Do you think that your dog is a good fit for our hikes? Well let’s see!

  • We require dogs to be very dog friendly and enjoy the company of other dogs. Sending a dog who does not want to have dog friends on a hike is not fair to your dog, nor to the other dogs in the group. There are other options for dogs who prefer to fly solo!
  • We require dogs to receive strangers and strange dogs on the trail kindly! We love all of our local trail systems, and we share our trails with other hikers, dog walkers, cyclists, and sometimes even children. We want to be able to ensure their safety, and know that the dogs on our hikes will give a friendly hello and then we can go about our business.

  • We require dogs to have good off leash skills. Off leash hikes are a passion of mine, but if Fido would rather go explore the wild on his own than stick with you, you’ve got a bit of work to do before off leash hikes may be appropriate.

If this sounds like your dog, contact us! We would really love to hear from you. You can also pop over to our Facebook page or Instagram page to see our daily adventures unfold, and get a feel for the valuable service we provide.

$22 per hike 
*Taxes not included in price