Sarah is truly wonderful with the dogs she hikes, and I am so thankful that my lil Ripley gets to hang out with her a couple of times a week. I trust Sarah entirely with my crazy puppy and I know that Ripley is having the time of her LIFE when she is hanging out with her dog friends enjoying off-leash adventures. I love seeing the photos and videos that Sarah posts on her Instagram and Facebook pages, too. It's great to see the silly faces she captures and I can see for myself that my pup truly is enjoying herself. My dog nearly does back flips when Sarah arrives to pick her up - she's always way more excited to see Sarah than me! �

Sarah has also been sooo wonderful for training and general dog advice. Whenever I have a question about Ripley's behavior or dog-things in general, I know I can just shoot Sarah a message and she'll provide awesome advice. She's extremely easy to talk to. She even kept in mind that we were starting agility classes with Ripley and gave us some tips about how to make Ripley a little less crazy during class, including letting us borrow a harness so we had better control of her (she flails!).

I trust Sarah 110% and I talk about how incredible she is all of the time with anyone that will listen. I recommend her to *everyone* - even to people who I know aren't in her serviced areas, because I trust that Sarah can point them in the direction of a dog walker/hiker that is just as excellent as she is. :) Not all dog walkers are the same. We came to Sarah when I started feeling uneasy about the first dog walker we hired for Ripley, and I've been so happy ever since.
-Tiffany and Ripley

Sarah is amazing. My dogs always have wonderful adventures and come home happy and tired. After my dog Gracie was diagnosed with cancer and had to have her leg amputated, Sarah made it possible for her to continue to go on modified adventures until she regained her strength. Today she back on the trails romping and running. My dogs are my heart and soul and I trust Sarah 100% with them.
-Gracie, Mouse, Kelly and Keith

Sarah is the one of the greatest people I've had the pleasure of dealing with. Mason absolutely loves her, he goes more crazy for her then he does me. He always comes home happy and exhausted from all the fun he has out! I have also noticed a very big improvement in his recall/listening skills since being out with Sarah. I wouldn't trust anyone else to take my baby hiking!
-Mason and Allison

I went to Sarah from Call of the Wild Canine Services almost a year ago to take my dog, Haggard, on 4 walks a week when my work hours increased and I wasnt able to keep up with walking him as much as he needed. Sarah picks up Haggard, takes him for a car ride and for a long hike and Haggard gets to see and play with other dogs. Since having Call of the Wild Services in our life, Haggard has been sleeping better, eating and pooping more regularly, his anxieties about being around dogs has subsided, and he seems more comfortable and happy in his life. I am happy I was able to open his life to more wonderful people and dogs so his time here is the best. The cost is minimal to the rewards we both get. 
​ -Helena & Haggard

Sarah is great! Our dog Foster loves going for walks with her and is always nice and tired when he gets home. It's also been a great way for him to spend some time socializing with other friendly dogs. Sarah takes beautiful photos of all the pups and shares so many adorable video updates that we always look forward to seeing. We're so happy that we found Call of the Wild Canine Services and Foster is too.
-Kaelin and Foster

Molly has always been a social butterfly, but she quickly grew tired of large group play at daycare. So to find someone that will come pick her up, take her for a ride, a nice long hike, and even go above and beyond for Molly's megaesophagus needs, and bring her back home so tired that she sleeps till the next day. Wow, how lucky were we!? I've never seen Molly go so crazy for anyone else like she does for Sarah. That in itself tells me she's doing something right - and you cant forget the amazing offleash skills Molly has learned!
-Love Molly, Tyra, and Aaron

C A L L   O F   T H E   W I L D   C A N I N E   S E R V I C E S

I am a veterinarian and I am one of the pickiest people you would ever want to meet when it come to trusting someone with my dogs and cats. Enter Sarah, who we have had walking our dogs for several months now. She is known as Aunt Sarah to my dogs as they absolutely adore her. When they hear her voice on a video of one of their walks that she has sent me they go crazy and come running to the iPad to see where she is. She is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and a dog whisperer. I cant thank her enough for all she does for my pups! As for my 4 cats, Sarah has been looking after them while we are away. One of my cats is diabetic and Sarah comes in to feed them, give Annie her insulin, and give them all cuddles. Honestly, if you are looking for someone to walk your dog or come over to your house to play with your cats or dogs, feed them, give them a bathroom break, cuddles, and love, etc... I can't think of a better person! We love you Sarah! Woof, woof, meow!
   - Troye, Bob, Belle, Pete, Reba,Nell & their kitties

Sarah has been walking our black lab Jody for 2 months now, and we have a much more settled and happy dog as a result. It's great to know that Jody is getting out for a hike with her canine pals while we are away at work. Sarah is a true dog-walking and dog-training professional, and we are confident that our pup is in good hands with her. The gorgeous photos and videos of the canine adventures are an added bonus.
-Jody and Jen

I'll start off saying I'm a total freak about who looks after my dogs. They are high drive, crazy dogs who can be a bit over the top at times. Because of those facts I only leave them with people who are knowledgeable. I trust Sarah 100% with my dogs and have used her services a few times. I would recommend her to anyone. She's trustworthy, prompt, and respectful. Her prices are fair and reasonable and best of all my dogs love her!
       -Amanda, Tribute & Edge

We first met Sarah at a Sublime Canine Puppy Class and always noticed how our very active puppy would listen and actually be calm around her. We never forgot that!

It is a huge decision to let someone take your dog and to also give them the keys to your house. When we first started thinking about getting Quinn some more activity during the week, we wanted Sarah to be part of the solution. We really hoped she’d say yes to taking Quinn because he can be a bit of a handful. Luckily, he was a fit for her and her group and we could not be happier. We really appreciated that she got to know Quinn and his habits on the first few hikes and made sure he was with the right mix of other dogs. For us, that meant a lot that everyone’s dog was comfortable and able to enjoy their hike and that safety and fun is what Sarah balanced out (among many other factors).

Sarah is amazing. Period. End of story. We implicitly trust her and know that Quinn will be safe with her. Quinn is always so happy to see her and it’s like we don’t exist when Sarah’s around. He cannot wait to get going on his hike so much so that he even knows the sound of her car pulling up outside the house! Sarah is also a talented photographer and we always look forward to seeing what Quinn and the crew have been up to while they adventure with her. From her photos and videos, we always know if Quinn will need a bath as he loves his mud puddles...

Sarah is so approachable, reliable, kind, and honest. Conversations with her are always fun and funny. She is so knowledgeable and I always appreciate when she drops a tip or two or when we ask for advice. It’s always great to see her and to interact with her.

If you are looking for someone to hike your dogs, look no further than Sarah. We highly recommend her as she is the very very best and we couldn’t be happier and neither could Quinn!

Sarah is absolutely wonderful ! I pet sit on a smaller scale so people think its weird I have someone else to take my boston pup on hikes but I have zero regrets! I wanted my girl to get used to off leash recall with not just me but strangers too and Sarah as been wonderful in helping with that. She implements both fun for the pups while using positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behaviors. In addition to all this Sarah's people skills are great, shes very approachable and pleasant to deal with. As an added bonus Sarah's pictures are awesome! I will likely continue to use her service as long as Azalea and I are located within the HRM and gladly recommend her to anyone looking to enrich their pups life
-Azalea and Candace

We met Sarah over a year ago when our boy Max was a wee puppy. Max was scared of everything including walks, people, the car, other animals and loud noises. Then, we met Sarah! She started working with Max and provided many tips and tricks on how to become a confident, happy dog. When he was old enough, he started on her group hikes. She took the time to put him in a group that he would do well in and now he’s comfortable in any of her groups. Not only does she provide much needed, fun hikes but he is also learning on her hikes through training, while interacting with other dogs. Now, Max is super confident, happy, well exercised and very social. On the days when Sarah is coming to get him he sits in the window and can’t wait for her to arrive. His whole body wiggles when he sees her.

Sarah is champion of the underdog, loves all animals, and is just great person - we are so lucky to have found her. She’s personable, reliable and trustworthy. I don’t give anyone access to my house but her. She is also very compassionate and truly loves her doggie clients. Last summer, Max got very sick and was home recovering for four weeks. She dropped by to visit him with yummy treats and gave us lots of moral support.

Our favourite part of the day is watching the videos she posts for us to see the fun Max was having during the hikes. And, all the best pictures we have of him were taken by Sarah. She is a very talented photographer - such a bonus! If Max hears her voice or whistle, he comes running and tries to find her. We highly recommend Sarah if you’re looking for someone to help with your fur babies. She is the very best!
-Irene and Glen and Max

Sarah is the definition of a dog whisperer! My puppy, Dawson, has been on walks with Sarah and not only does he have a phenomenal time, but his off-leash recall has drastically improved! Thank you for providing a fun, enriching and safe adventure for my puppy to join you on! It is very hard to find someone you can trust with your dog, and I feel 10000% confident that my little man is safe and happy with Call of the Wild Canine Services. Not to mention the sweet pictures you get to see after !
-Dawson and Chelsea