Listed are the courses, seminars, and webinars she has attended in her search for knowledge and skill. These also reflect the kind of training style and topics she has interests in.

When not hiking in the woods, you can find Sarah as a dog trainer with Sublime Canine Services. Click here to find out more about the services offered.

She loves trick training and thinks that it is the best foundation to every great human/dog team. Her dog Zephyr has earned his Trick Dog Champion title and his Canine Good Neighbour. She and Zephyr recently began trying out dock diving, Disc Dog competitions, and training in Rally Obedience. Sarah has recently added a Springer Spaniel puppy, Frankie, to her family, and is excited to explore scent detection, disc dog, dock diving, rally, and agility with her. So stay tuned on what they get up to together!

Sarah has a great interest in handling reactive dogs. She taught the expanded Reactive Dog Class at Jollytails, and does some private consultations in coaching leash handling for reactive dogs. You can find her at Sublime Canine teaching Puppy Socialization & Basic Life Skills classes, and doing private reactivity consults. Please view the below links to find out more about Sarah's continuing education, publications, and training.

Sarah has been working with dogs since 2009. She got her feet wet in the dog world when she began fostering for a pit bull rescue in Ontario. Since then, she has been fostering for various different rescues, as well as independently rescuing and re-homing dogs. In 2012, she founded The Smiling Dog, a group dedicated to helping homeless/street involved people and low income families with their pets.

In 2012 Sarah began working with other peoples’ dogs. She began working at doggy daycares, moving up to hiking dogs and dog training. The same year was also when she first was introduced to clicker training. She began learning about training dogs that were not her own while volunteering as a trainer with the Dartmouth SPCA. In 2013 Sarah began hiking other peoples’ dogs, and managed to turn her passion for off leash hiking in the forest into a career.

Click here for a list of articles, videos, and other  publications you can see Sarah in or have written.

Sarah McManaman

C A L L   O F   T H E   W I L D   C A N I N E   S E R V I C E S